Arthropod Samples in July 2014

    Arthropod Samples in July 2014

    Warehouse Beetle (Dermestidae)

    Scientific Name: Trogoderma variabile

    warehouse beetle larvae

    warehouse beetle

    Photo(s): Warehouse beetle larvae, Jared Kunz, Utah State University. Adult beetle, Joseph Berger,

    Type: Pantry pest

    Situation: Found in Trailer

    County: Washington

    Fact Sheets: University of California IPM; Colorado State University

    Drywood Termite (kalotermitidae)

    Scientific Name: N/A

    drywood termite

    Photo(s): Mohammed El Damir, Pest Management,

    Type: Structural pest.

    Situation: In House

    County: Washigton

    Fact Sheets: Utah State University, Lyme Disease Tick Survey; UCIPM Drywood Termites

    Field Ant (Formicidae)

    Scientific Name: Formica sp

    field ant

    field ant

    Photo(s): Joel Smith, Utah State University; April Noble,

    Type: Home pest

    Situation: In house

    County: Cache

    Fact Sheets: Utah State University; Colorado State University

    Hunting Billbug: (Curculionidae)

    Scientific Name: Sphenophorus venatus

    hunting billbug

    hunting billbug

    Photo(s): Rocky mountain weevil adult (Sphenophorus cicatristriatus), Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,; Rocky Mountain Weevil larvae (looks similar to hunting billbug larva), Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,

    Type: Turfgrass

    Situation: Turfgrass

    County: Salt Lake

    Fact Sheets: Utah State Unversity Extension; Colorado State University

    Sycamore Plant Bug (Miridae)

    Scientific Name: Plagiognathus albatus

    sycamore bug

    Photo(s): Adult sycamore plant bug, Marion Murray, Utah State University.

    Type: Landscape ornamentals

    Situation: Sycamore

    County: Salt Lake

    Fact Sheets: Utah State University Advisories

    Pavement Ant (Formicidae)

    Scientific Name: Tetramorium caespitum

    pavement ant

    Photo(s): Samuel Abbott, Utah State University

    Type: Nuisance

    Situation: Found in home

    County: Cache

    Fact Sheets:Penn State University; University of California IPM; Image at

    Spinach Leaf Miner

    Scientific Name: Pegomya hyoscyami

    leaf miner

    leaf miner

    leaf miner

    Photo(s): Gyorgy Csoka, Hungary Forest Research Institute,, (Far Right) Plant Protection Service Archive, Plant Protection Service,

    Type: Fly

    Situation: On Spinach

    County: Cache

    Fact Sheets: Utah State University; Colorado State University

    Sycamore Scale (Margarodidae)

    Scientific Name: Stomacoccus platani

    sycamore scale

    Photo(s): United States National Collection of Scale Insects Photographs Archive, USDA Agricultural Research Service,

    Type: Piercing/Sucking pest

    Situation: On Sycamore

    County: Utah

    Fact Sheets: None

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