Diseases Diagnosed in March 2013

    Diseases Diagnosed in March 2013

    Necrotic Ring Spot

    Scientific Name: Ophiosphaerlla korrae

    nectrotic ring spot

    Photo(s): Necrotic ring spot, Mary Ann Hansen, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Bugwood.org.

    Situation: Turf

    County: Salt Lake County

    Fact Sheets: Utah State University; Colorado State University

    Tomato Spotted Leaf Virus

    Scientific Name: Varies - transported by thrips

    tomato spotted leaf virus

    tomato spotted leaf virus

    tomato spotted leaf virus

    tomato spotted leaf virus

    tomato spotted leaf virus

    Photo(s): TSLV in a tomato taken by Claudia Nischwitz, Utah State University.

    Situation: Tomato

    County: Cache

    Fact Sheets: Utah State University Extension News; Cornell University

    Abiotic, unknown and/or non-disease in Turf -It can be difficult to diagnose disease by symptoms alone early in the season. The fungus is more easily seen after June. If no pathogens are detected, the diagnosis and recommendation will be based on symptom appearance and timing, host affected, and observations of disease trends for the area.

    Other Abiotic, unknown and/or non-disease diagnosed in March

    Austrian Pine

    Non-Disease Stressor: unknown abiotic

    Situation: Austrian Pine

    County: Iron

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