Arthropod Samples in April 2011

    Arthropod Samples in April 2011

    Spruce Spider Mite (Tetranychidae)

    Scientific Name: Oligonychus ununguis

    spider mite

    spider mite

    Photo(s): Petr Kapitola, State Phytosanitary Institute,; USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Archive,

    Type: Plant and tree pest

    Situation: On blue spruce

    County: Salt Lake

    Fact Sheets: Penn State University

    Bat Bugs (Cimicidae)

    Scientific Name: Cimex pilosellus

    bat bug

    Photo(s): Susan Ellis USDA APHIS PPQ

    Type: Ecto-parasite of bats

    Situation: In home

    County: Colorado

    Fact Sheets: Colorado State University Extension

    Carpenter Ant (Formicidae)

    Scientific Name: Camponotus sayi

    carpenter ant

    carpenter ant

    Photo(s): New York Carpenter Ant, April Nobile,

    Type: Structural pest

    Situation: In home

    County: Davis

    Fact Sheets: Utah State University Extension; University of Nebraska Lincoln

    Warehouse Beetle (Dermestidae)

    Scientific Name: Trogoderma variabile

    warehouse beetle larvae

    warehouse beetle

    Photo(s): Warehouse beetle larvae, Jared Kunz, Utah State University. Adult beetle, Joseph Berger,

    Type: Pantry pest

    Situation: Found in Trailer

    County: Washington

    Fact Sheets: University of California IPM; Colorado State University

    Flea Beetle (Chrysomelidae)

    Scientific Name: Altica sp.

    flea beetle

    flea beetle

    Photo(s): Western Black Flea Beetle, Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,; Johnny Dell,

    Type: Landscape plant pest

    Situation: On side of home

    County: Beaver

    Fact Sheets: Colorado State University; ATTRA(organic); University of Minnesota

    Flathead Woodborer (Buprestidae)

    Scientific Name: na



    Photo(s): Immature borer, James Solomon, USDA Forest Service; (Bottom) Mature borer, Joseph Berger,

    Type: Ornamental and Fruit Tree Pest

    Situation: Italian Cypress

    County: Washington

    Fact Sheets: Colorado State University; Forest Service; Utah State University

    Stink Bug (Pentatomidae)

    Scientific Name: Holcostethus sp.

    stink bug

    Photo(s): Adult Holcostethus sp, Jared Kunz, Utah State University.

    Type: Plant pest

    Situation: In garden

    County: Carbon

    Fact Sheets: Utah State University Newsletter; Utah State University; University of California IPM

    Aphid (Aphidae)

    Scientific Name: N/A





    Photo(s): Adult aphid, David Cappaert, Michigan State University,; Ryan Davis, Utah State University

    Type: Fruit/ornamental plant pest

    Situation: In yard

    County: Box Elder

    Fact Sheets: Utah State University(Alfalfa); Utah State University(Wheat); Colorado State University

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